Carys Beadling

Carys joined Nineteen Recruitment as a trainee consultant working in the public sector division. She has thrown herself into learning the ropes of recruitment, recruiting candidates on behalf of the multiple local authorities we work with. 

Carys comes from a legal background, but has also done work as a Classroom Assistant. The prospect of helping people to find jobs that they enjoy was what drew Carys to recruitment as a career. She's very much a 'people person', and enjoys getting to know candidates and helping them to identify roles that are right for them. 

Her loves....
  • Crime documentaries (there is nothing Carys doesn't know about serial killers...)
  • Formula One
  • Plants (the office plants are finally in safe hands...)
Her dislikes...
  • Sprouts
  • Coffee 
  • Badly made creep costumes

A random fact about Carys: She's an Australian Citizen.
Something you'll find on her desk: A big glass jar of Maoam sweets.