7 reasons to sign up with a temporary staffing agency

7 reasons to sign up with a temporary staffing agency
In the lead up to our 7th birthday, we thought we’d share with you 7 reasons to sign up
with a temporary staffing agency like Nineteen Recruitment!

1. It might keep you in work! If you’re looking for a permanent job, consider registering
with a temporary agency in the interim. Not only will working for a temporary
agency gave you a source of income while you’re job hunting, but it also fills what
would have otherwise been, a gap in your CV. It also allows you to continue to
practise existing skills and utilise your existing knowledge

2. It’s a fantastic way of gaining varied work experience and experiencing different
settings. It’s a way of dipping your toes in the water to see if you like working in a
certain role, for a certain setting. Who knows! You might find that your exposure to
new working environments actually changes what it is you want to look for in your
next role.

3. You get considered for multiple positions. You register once with an agency and then
they do all the rest! They look out for vacancies, job opportunities and work
opportunities for you and alert you to any suitable ones so that you can consider
whether or not you wish to be considered for them.

4. You are in control. You decide when you want to work and what you do. You are
under no obligation to say yes to any work offered, putting you firmly in the driving
seat and allowing you to choose where you go, when you go, and what you do.
5. It is the ultimate in flexibility. Studying at university so can only work around your
timetable? No problem. Got childcare requirements so can only work during term
time? No problem. Want to keep weekends free for family time? No problem. Want
to keep Friday and Saturday nights free because you like to socialise? Again, no
problem! Whether you want to work days, nights, week days, weekends, or you
simply want work however it comes, registering with an agency is a great way of
working on your terms.

6. It’s free! They say the best things in life are free and that is certainly true when it
comes to Nineteen Recruitment! Contrary to what some might believe, registering
with a recruitment agency does not cost a penny.

7. We care. Yep, you heard right. Recruiters that care. While some recruiters may have
a negative reputation, that is not the case for everyone. Nineteen is an honest and
ethical agency that works transparently with candidates and clients. We invest our
time in you because we believe you can offer value to our clients. We care about you
getting work and so we work hard to ensure you are given a number of work
opportunities. Here at Nineteen, we do all we can to ensure our workers feel valued
and appreciated. We understand that temporary work, especially in the Social Care
and Education sector isn’t all moonbeams and rainbows; it can be tough and we
recognise that. We provide our candidates with extensive support, we’re always only
a telephone call away, 24/7.
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