Making Your Workforce Feel Loved

With the arrival of Valentine’s Day giving us all a warm and fuzzies feeling it seems the perfect time to visit what workplaces can do to make their staff feel loved and valued. 

Equality and diversity  

Research shows that when a company promotes diversity and innovation, it is more likely to attract new staff, increase innovation, and have a happy workforce. This has never been more important than for Gen Z employees. 67% of millennial and Gen Z employees value diversity when considering employment opportunities. Statistics also show that when a team consists of employees from different races, sexualities, gender, and ages, they each contribute a different perspective. This allows for more innovation and improved performance across the board.


An inclusive workplace often makes for a happier workplace. There is a growing demand from employees for diverse and inclusive workplaces and this is unlikely to stop. Despite this, it is claimed that 55% of people agree that their organisation has policies that promote it. For companies to thrive, they need an inclusive and diverse team of people that includes women, people of different races, and disabilities. 


With many of us now working from home, ensuring staff feel a sense of belonging is critical. Going the extra mile to ensure your staff aren’t experiencing loneliness is a worthwhile use of your time. When you, as an employer, promote diversity, inclusion, and belonging, you’re giving your staff permission to show up as their true selves, and this can only lead to positive results across the board for the company.

 Things you can do to promote a sense of belonging amongst the workforce:

  • Employ an ‘employee voice’ initiative. This gives employees the opportunity to be heard, feel heard, and valued.
  • If working remotely, ensure time is put in the diary for team meetings or whole tem initiatives
  • Recognise valuable contributions from staff. A simple ‘well done’ goes a long way.
  • Allow your staff to put their ideas forward; use their various insights and perspectives.
  • Organise opportunities to socialise outside of work. 
  • Share the bigger picture for your company with your staff. It makes such a difference when you let your staff into your vision. Keep them up to date with any developments.
Posted by: Nineteen Recruitment